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BitchScopes for July 13-20

My most glittery apologies for the absence of BitchScopes last week.  I was stuck in bed with a pinched nerve in my back.  If you read my last BitchScope intro, I was talking about the eclipse closing out old chapters, shelving old stories, and big, significant healings from the past.  This back injury definitely has an emotional component to it. (I talked about it on BitchSplaining with Crisann last week)  I just did not have the ability to sit at my desk or even to focus on writing for the several hours that it requires. 
But I’m back, no pun intended.  I saw a Doctor I really liked (which is unusual) and got some relief.  
So this week we are focusing on the transits from 7/13-7/19.  However, on 7/20 we have a very significant lunation to discuss and I don’t want to talk about it after the fact, so I’m including it in this week’s scopes.  
We have a double new moon. Some are calling this a “Black Moon”, but, similar to a Blue Moon  the definitions are always debated.  Debate and termi…

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