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BitchScopes for the week of April 12th

There is a definite emphasis on communication this week! Mercury is everywhere, touching and talking to most of the planets in some way, as well as some of the asteroids. The other emphasis is on our goals for the future, our “fate”, the vision we have for ourselves, and how our committed partnerships fit in to and nourish those visions. Mars is active this week too, so our desires and drives are strong. And the other planet showing up more than usual is my favorite girl, Eris. There is such a huge stellium of Aries planets: Sun, Eris, Ceres, Chiron, Venus, Mercury...Your sense of self, your ego, and your will are front and center. Be aware of how your ego expresses itself. And as these planets move into Taurus this week, the shift is likely to be palpable. If you feel tired as these shifts happen, well...when in Taurus, do as the Tauruses do...lie on the couch and luxuriate until you realize how fabulous you are. The shift from doing to having is going to be a jolt. Make sur

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